For those who have always wanted to write their own book or just tell their story, together we can make it happen. If you lack the time or necessary skills to do so, a ghostwriter could be your best solution.
        I offer my services to you as an experienced editor, writer, and/or ghostwriter to make those dreams come true. Even though I write and edit in several different genres, I am open to discussing any of the possibilities that will best fit your needs. This may be fiction or non-fiction. I specialize in  non-fiction, such as in writing your memoirs, how-to guides, novels, personal development, or self-help guides.

       If you already have it written, I suggest we begin with the review/evaluation process to see what is needed. See the  Writing Services tabs for services available.

       If your life has taken unprecedented twists and turns that have taught you life’s lessons the hard way, one of your life purposes may be to share your story and/or those experiences in order for others to learn. It is one way in which we can give back to the universe. In addition, it may even help with the healing process. Please visit the Writing from the Soul tab attached to this page.



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