​​​​​Jami Lynn Sands

Jami attributes the success of her work to the trust she places in  the ability to write from the soul. She believes that when one comes from listening to the inner guidance within the heart where God is found, beautiful things happen. This means writing from the heart, which is the seat of the soul, and not the mind. The heart will always tell you what the mind will not. The mind will insist on practicality; the heart and soul of it are your feelings and emotions.

    This also means writing from a place of honesty, integrity, and genuineness, without an agenda. It is for the greater good, because we are indeed all One.
       Jami has found that Spirit will always send us those who have something to teach us or the gift of something we need to know.
          However, it is one thing to listen and another to act on the information. Focusing on the inner guidance and sharing what will be helpful to others is key.

      For further information, see A Tutorial Guide for Authors.


Writing from the Soul