​​​​​Jami Lynn Sands

Sands of Time


​​​​​Jami Lynn Sands is a writer, editor, and author. She began her writing career as a newspaper columnist and eventually released her first book entitled, Heritage Quest, Uncovering Your Roots. Because her readers were in need of the information for their research as soon as possible, she elected to use the self-publishing software of CreateSpace (rather than go the traditional route), attaching her own label and logo to it, thus Sands Of Time Publishing was born.

  My recommendation for self-publishing is CreateSpace, owned by Amazon. They are based in South Carolina, U.S.A. and are a print on demand publisher with an excellent quality product. Wholesale costs are minimal, depending on your choices.

       Those I know that have used it, myself included, have been very pleased with the results. There are tutorial guides for the bit of a learning curve and their customer service is  adequate.  Coaching assistance for self-publishing is available and cost is minimal.