​​​​​Jami Lynn Sands


Review /Evaluations

The first service I offer authors is a review/evaluation of their work and its readiness for publication. This is based on experience.
         My goal is to be fair, honest, and offer my evaluation lovingly and helpfully to assist you in achieving a quality manuscript, one that you can be proud of. I want your book or article to be the success you are striving for. Therefore, I may offer recommendations wherever I see there could be improvement. Keep in mind, this is one editor’s professional opinion based on experience.
     Please check the About Fees tab for the current fee for this service. It is payable through PayPal at the address of jami@jamilynnsands.com or jamilynnsands@yahoo.com unless other arrangements are made.

        I then request an unformatted Word document be sent by email. The review will consist of a one to two page evaluation on several points throughout the content. I will also include a free sample edit, if appropriate, which is one vision for it. You may choose to implement the changes yourself, or as an alternative, if you do not have the time or wish to do so, I am available for additional services. The fees vary, based not only on the length, but also on what work still needs done, as well as the estimated time it will take to get it there.