​​​​​Jami Lynn Sands


Getting Your Work Published

      First, let’s be clear – there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ manuscript. You will undoubtedly find typos and/or errors in any and probably every book. This can be due to author, editor, publisher, or software errors. By the very nature of the literary world there will always be something you could have changed, made clearer, or added. However, we do strive for excellence. You will want to be sure it is in its best condition before publishing, and that includes a thorough edit.
      When you have your manuscript in what you believe to be its best possible condition, it is time to consider your next step.

Setting up a Marketing Plan

        Believe it or not, the time to do this is before it is published. Going the traditional route with a publisher means some, but not all of it, may be handled for you.
        Because I am a writer/editor (which is already a full-time job), time does not permit promoting and marketing of the finished product. That in and of itself is another full-time job, just as promoters and marketers do not normally write or edit. 

     Once you have made the decision to self-publish, but before you do so, it is particularly important that you have a marketing and promotion plan already in place.

         This way, there are already readers waiting for it as soon as it is released. This can make or break the success of the book. For those who are not do-it-yourself marketers, I have been searching for a reputable provider of these services to refer authors to and believe I have found the best value for reasonable and nominal fees. They are also able to offer you marketing, branding, and book launch promotion, as well as other services. Contact me for further details.

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