If hiring a writer for your own book is not in the budget, we can discuss alternatives. It would be my privilege to interview you with the possibility of including your story, or parts of it, in one of my books in progress. In this way, your message may still be made known. Due to the number of interviews, inclusion in the book cannot be guaranteed.

      Let me assure you, any information given is kept confidential. Personal information, such as names, places, etc. will be changed to protect the innocent or guilty, unless you prefer otherwise.

       Please contact me if you, or someone you know, have had any of the following experiences:

           1) A UFO encounter or experience

           2) A 'Near Death Experience' (known as a NDE) 

           3) An out of body experience (OBE) 

​           4) A Past Life memory that you have been able to document

           5) Your stories of being reunited with a soulmate after many years.

              This does not need to be a romantic relationship; all are considered.



​​​​​Jami Lynn Sands

Cocoa Beach, Florida


Info Wanted