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In Progress by Jami

The Anatomy of a Book, An Author’s Guide to Creating Excellence
A more in-depth look at writing and creating the book you really want to get you message out. Although there are concepts included from my  Tutorial Guide for Authors, this book takes a closer look at the options you have as a writer. Coming soon.

The Genealogy of Past Lives, Taking it to the Next Level
Takes the reader on a journey to discover who they have been before their current life.  It will also suggest ways to document them, create a timeline and help the reader to understand the lessons they contracted to learn through them.  

Who is God? A New Understanding, A Date with Infinity

Co-authored with Douglas H. Melloy

Challenges everything we ever thought we knew about God and our life purpose. Presents God in a new light, allowing the reader to decide for themselves, what is and is not, relative to them.

UFO Encounter/Experiences (As yet untitled)

A collection of experiences, including backstory obtained through research and interviews intended to give readers a glimpse into other realms.

Near Death and Out of  Body Experiences  (As yet untitled)
A collection of experiences, including backstory obtained through research and interviews to give readers a glimpse of the other side and it's effect on the subjects current life.

Relationship and communication cards

(Titles to be determined)

  • Covering “must discuss” topics for  sharing at the start of a relationship. 
  • Communication of feelings cards on critical topics of discussion.

Stay tuned for additional books and products by Jami Lynn.