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Jami Lynn Sands
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Ghostwriting and Editing Services Available


Let Me Tell Your Story

For those who have always wanted to write their own book or just tell their story, together we can make it happen. If you lack the time or necessary skills to do so, a ghostwriter could be your best solution.

      I offer my professional services to you as an experienced writer and/or ghostwriter to make those dreams come true. Even though I write in several different genres, I am open to discussing any of the possibilities that will best fit your needs. This may be writing your memoirs, how-to guides, or novels.

      Perhaps your life has taken unprecedented twists and turns that have taught you life’s lessons the hard way. One of your life purposes may be to share your story and/or those experiences in order for others to learn. It is one way in which we can give back to the universe.

      To give you background on my experience, I wrote  and a newspaper column  for seven years as a community service. In addition, I have had many short stories published over the years as a member of several writing  groups. 
      As an author, my book,           “Heritage Quest,               Uncovering Your Roots” 
 is available through this website, as well as through Amazon.com in both printed copy and in
 e-book format. 

I am also available as a speaker on any of the topics in the book, schedule permitting.


    Jami may be contacted at:


 I am  currently seeking to interview those who have had either a "Near Death Experience" (known as a NDE) or an out of body experience.

     Let me assure you, any     information given is kept confidential. Personal information, such as names, places, etc. will be changed to protect the innocent or the guilty, unless you prefer otherwise.  

     If hiring a writer is not in the budget, we can discuss alternatives.  It will be my privilege to interview you with the possibility of including your story, or parts of it, in one of my books in progress.  In this way, your message may still be made known.  Of course, due to the number of interviews, inclusion in the book cannot be guaranteed.



"Heritage Quest,
Uncovering Your Roots"

This book takes the reader on a journey back in time.  From the getting started phase, through a step-by-step research  and networking process, the reader will uncover fascinating facts to record.

     Techniques for including the memories that will become the human-interest stories are also profiled.  Emphasis is placed on recording details of our own life stories now,  in order to leave a legacy for generations to come.

      Unlike other reference books of its kind, fun and creative ways to journal and preserve the
information are included, from creating simple journals to elaborate keepsakes.

The goal is to help you to "Uncover Your Roots".

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